Buying a product in the "ZTE" online store, you receive not only equipment, but also a guarantee that confirms the quality of the purchased product and its absence of factory defects. Before sending to the client, the ZTE service center checks all the devices, however, sometimes there are cases of factory defects that appear over time. In order to protect the consumer, our online store provides a guarantee in accordance with the "Consumer Protection Law".

1. What products are warranted for?

The warranty service certificate covers all products presented in the ZTE online store. For large equipment (smartphones), the warranty period reaches two years, for smaller equipment (headphones, smart watches, etc.) - 6 months. The warranty does NOT cover chargers, rechargeable batteries, wired headphones and headsets, or other accessories included with the device.

2. Where can I go for warranty assistance?

To implement the warranty service certificate, you must contact the service center of the online store "ZTE". Before shipping your device, we strongly recommend that you copy or move important information from it to another storage medium. In a standard situation, the repair takes no more than three weeks, also keep in mind that shipment within Ukraine is carried out at the expense of the client.

3. Is it possible to return or exchange the purchased equipment?

The equipment you bought can be exchanged or returned within the first 14 days after payment. Only if the device does not have chips, scuffs, changes in software, scratches and other traces of use. You will also need a complete set of the device to return. Factory markings and packaging must be intact.

4. Under what circumstances can warranty service be denied?

The "ZTE" online store does not accept for return equipment with signs of wear, incorrect operation and mechanical damage. You will not be able to return the gadget if the duration of the calls made on the counter is more than 5 minutes. A device with damaged warranty seals, having lost its presentation or having changes in the software cannot be returned. Also, the ZTE online store does not consider applications for a refund or exchange if the IMEI or serial number of the device has been removed or changed.

5. Terms of exchange or return of the device.

Subject to all the conditions of the guarantee, the buyer has the right to refuse the goods and issue a refund within fourteen days from the date of purchase of the goods. If a factory defect is found in the product, the specialists of the service center of the online store "ZTE" return the equipment to the manufacturer in China. In such a case, the repair or exchange may take up to two months. Shipping costs within Ukraine are borne by the buyer.